Why consider an operations management minor?

This minor is ideal if you are interested in learning more about management in the industrial workforce as you pursue your major. This minor can help you acquire the analytical and problem-solving skills to succeed in the workforce. This minor goes well with majors in agribusiness, economics, mathematics, computer information systems and related fields of study.

Operations Management

Bachelor of Science
  1. ACC 201(3), 211(3); ECO 165(3); MGT 340(3), MKT 364(3); QBA 237(3). Note: MKT 364 formerly MGT 364.

  2. Complete three courses from the following (not required in any other program): ACC 311(3), 556(3); MGT 367(3), 447(3), 467(3), 565(3), 567(3); MKT 368(3); TCM 359(3). Note: MKT 364 formerly MGT 364.