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Advisors guide your academic success and help you stay on track to graduate.

Forgot your assigned advisor?

Access your advisor's information through the Student tab on My Missouri State. You should meet with your advisor at least once a semester until you graduate.

Undergraduate advising

You receive advisement through the Business Advisement Center.

Set up an appointment with the Business Advisement Center and you will have an advisor assigned to you.

Your advisor will help you declare your major and meet the admission requirements for your degree program.

Meet for class registration

Until you have completed 75 hours, you must meet with your advisor each semester to receive release for class registration. 

Afterward, you should meet with your advisor at least once a semester until you graduate.

Graduate advising

Your advisement source depends on your degree or certificate program.

COB graduate programs office advises:

  • Master’s in business administration, management emphasis
  • Entrepreneurship certificate
  • International business certificate
  • Leadership certificate
  • Management certificate

Health administration faculty advises:

  • Master’s in health administration (MHA)
  • Health professions administrative leadership certificate
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Health administration advising contact

Meet for class registration

You need advisor release prior to registering for classes each semester.

Submit an advisor-approved plan of study form (.pdf) to the Graduate College before you complete 14 credit hours.

Transfer advising

Set up an appointment with the Transfer Center.

They will help you determine:

  • The credits you can transfer.
  • What requirements you have left to complete.
  • If you can get a head-start and take online courses at Missouri State while enrolled at your current school.

You will have a custom transfer plan to complete your degree in a timely fashion.

If you have an Associate of Arts degree, you can usually complete an MSU degree in two years if you take 15 credit hours per semester.